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Finding a family Perth lawyer that suits your needs can be hard. Which is why we have found what we think is the best one in Perth!


Time is of the essence. So when you need a criminal Perth lawyer now, we do our best to find one that works best for you. 


Buying, selling a business or just need a contract written up? We find you a Perth lawyer that can get it done. 


Landlord disputes or having a hard time with the neighbor? Find a lawyer that tells you where you stand. 


Had an accident at work? Talk to some of the best lawyers here in Perth willing to fight for your rights. 


No one wants to wait over a week for a maybe. We only find Perth lawyers who usually reply within 24 hours!

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Who Are We?

The Perth Lawyer is a group of Perth West Australian local lawyers and solicitors. Founded in 2018, we have made it simple for you to find Perths best lawyers and contact with them within seconds. We are committed to getting you connected with lawyers and getting you the information and results you require. 

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 A Family Lawyer You Can Trust

The reason family law can be so difficult for both those involved and even lawyers themselves is because it involves just that, family. With emotionally charged situations sometimes hard to control it can be comforting to know you have someone there to help ground the situation. 

The Perth Lawyer is here to help you find the best lawyer for your specific situation to provide professional advice when you need it most. We will support you from when you first decide to use a lawyer all the way through the court process if necessary to provide the best possible outcome. 

If you are having family related problems such as child visitations, divorce or wills and estate the Perth lawyer is here to help. 

The Criminal Lawyer Everyone Needs

In Australia there are a lot of offences that constitute as a criminal offence. From driving offences to the more well known ones such as stealing or assault. Many of these cases will be heard in the local court but can quickly increase in severity and lead you to the district court or supreme court. Regardless of the offence, any criminal conviction offence that is put on your record will have significant consequences for both your livelihood and family. This can have a dramatic effect on your working arrangements and future job prospects. 

As an adult your record will be tainted for upwards of 10 years and in some cases even longer. This is why it's so important that you seek legal aid from a professional as soon as you are able too. With many moving parts at play including legal loopholes, justifications of your actions, even where and why your court proceedings are taking place; a well seasoned lawyer will be able to take everything into consideration. 

While you are under investigation a lawyer will be able to tell you exactly what to say and do to provide the best possible outcome for your situation, whether that being admitting guilt from the start of claiming certain defenses. The entire purpose of this is to reduce the severity of your crime and sentence. 

The Perth Lawyer is here to find you the best legal professional for the job and help provide the strongest defense for its clients here in Western Australia.

What A Commercial Lawyer Can Offer You

Commercial law is one of those specific niche areas of law that are almost specifically designed for medium to large businesses. Where most of the time these businesses/ companies will have lawyers on retainers to help with any legal matter that might arise. If you are looking at finding a commercial lawyer here in Perth that can go on retainer for your business we recommend checking out our "Find A Lawyer" page. 

This covers popular areas such as contract law, joint ventures, mergers & acquisitions, business structuring and tax law. If you are a small business looking at getting cheap, business specific documents created then we highly recommend checking out the LawDeport website for all your legal documents. 

Need A Property Lawyer?

Property law can range from the small one time home owners/ renters to large property development with a vast amount of moving parts. This includes rent dispute, contract termination to land subdivision, building contracts and council permissions. The issues that most people run into here is the fine print, with many different clauses and if statements. 

This is why, just like buy a house it's a good idea to have it inspected by a building inspector; it is just as important to have you multi hundred thousand dollar contract overlooked by a property lawyer. This is not where you want mistakes to be made. 

Our professional team here at the Perth Lawyer will help you find a property lawyer that is well versed in your specific suburb on its laws and council agenda

When You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

One of the most daunting areas for insurance companies to invest in is your cover at work. The good news is it's your legal right to be covered if something happens out of your control at work. With many people working up in the mines here in Western Australia and other in dangerous jobs there are many people seeking professional help when it comes to on the job injuries. 

Don't think personal injury lawyers only cover work related injuries, no. If you are on private property such as a shopping center or doing activity based entertainment and you are hurt due to the neglect of the business or employee, you are entitled to pursue a personal injury claim. 

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How Much Is A Typical Retainer For Legal Services?

First of all let's cover what a retainer actually is. A retainer is a fee paid in advance for legal services that may or may not be used. This being to help reach a half way point when engaging in a legal process or for a business that doesn't want to fay for a lawyer full time. Usually a small to medium business or person with a higher than average income status will have a lawyer on retainer. Anywhere from $1000- $5000 per month is paid on retainer. Are you able to get your retainer back? Typically a lawyer will either keep what wasn't used that month or let it roll over however you are able to get the retainer back if, for example. You are quoted $10,000 for legal work to be completed and are asked to pay a $2,000 retainer fee and at the end of the work it only cost $1,000 then you are entitled to the difference.

How Much Does A Lawyer Cost Per Hour?

If you are looking at hiring a lawyer one of the first things you will end up asking yourself is, how much does a lawyer cost? Typically it's around $250 -450 per hour. So let's break that down and understand why they cost so much? First off, the're lawyers that give a free initial consultation and others that offer a no win, no fee agreement. On the other spectrum you have firms that can charge upwards of $1,000 per hour for a legal team to work a case. There are many reasons as to why these costs can be justified but the main take away here would be that if you need a lawyer be prepared to be expected to pay a decent amount of money to resolve an issue. 

Do You Have To Pay A Lawyer Upfront?

The great news here is that for most law firms you will have a variety of options in how you would prefer to pay. This includes upfront, staggered payments, retainer or after completion of work. Some also do community work for free or at a heavily reduced rate called "Pro Bono". They also can agree to a variety of different payment methods from the typical payment of invoices, credit card, paypal or sometimes checks; to the more uncommon payment methods such as cryptocurrency. It's best to first speak to them first about what options you have and what would be suit your arrangement. 

What Is The Difference Between A Solicitor And A Lawyer?

In Australia someone who goes under the term "Lawyer" is anyone with a certificate to practice law. This would be someone who meets the prerequisites such as passing the bar, having practiced for the appropriate amount of time and be recognised as a legally practicing professional. This includes  barristers,solicitors,  judges and corporate counsel, the term is commonly used in reference to the first level being a solicitor. 

  • Solicitor - A person who has a current certificate to practice law. This includes tasks such as providing legal advice, work in their specific field of study, preform legal tasks on your behalf, negotiate on your behalf but usually does not represent you in court. They are perfect for helping manage family related matters, drafting and signing wills and estates and providing useful advice. 
  • Barrister - A more advanced level of training in their specific area of law and has passed the bar examination. This type of lawyer is usually well versed in the area of representation in front of a judge in court. They are usually the next step up from a solicitor. 
  • Judge - A judge will have risen up the ranks from solicitor to barrister and runs the court proceedings. 
  • Corporate Council/ Queens Council - These are the top of the top lawyers that are seasoned professionals that have many decades under their belts. These are the sort of lawyers that are very highly respected and charge a price to match. 

How Much Does A Law Degree Cost?

Typically in Australia the schooling fees for a person to get a 3 year degree will be around $50,000 - $65,000. Thankfully Australia offers university support programs that not only cover the costs of tuition but helps those who are in need of other financial assistance. Of course there are other costs associated with completing the degree such as living expenses while obtaining the required work experience and attending legal related functions. Typically for the amount of work put in compared to what you make back is very low for around the first 5-7 years for the average student/ lawyer. This is why the prices for using legal services are on average relatively high.

Why self representation in court is not recommended?

While the most basic cases in the court system (Small Claims) are by far the easiest for self representation it is the only one that you might seriously consider not seeking legal advice. This is because the outcomes aren't usually life changing, they aren't too expensive if you loose and you can do all the legal paperwork yourself. With this in mind, if you are going to court for any other reason such as for a civil or criminal case that can have a serious effect on your life, business and monetary situation then the best decision you can make would be hiring a lawyer. With all the benefits of hiring a professional to do the job such as managing time and legal documents, providing sound and accurate legal advice, understanding the lingo and court proceedings and knowing how to address the court and the almost guaranteed outcome of getting a better result. All of these upsides while also making the proceedings go 5 times faster than if you were to be self represented. While yes, legal fees can quickly add up they are usually justified with heavily reducing potential fines, keeping your record clean and even keeping you out of jail. 

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At the Perth Lawyer, we have made it simple to get in touch with our team of trusted attorneys .