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McAulay Legal Perth 2019

McAulay Legal

Tina McAulay - Construction Lawer

1A, Hayden Court, MyareeWA 6154(08) 6446

Butlers Family Lawyers

Butlers Lawyers

Dianne Butler - Family Lawer

45 Stirling Hwy, NedlandsWA 6009(08) 9386


Clifton Legal Group

Cameron Clifton - Commercial Litigation

​Suite 9, 117 Brisbane Street, Perth

WA 6000

(08) 9879


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Tan&Tan Lawyers

Tan & Tan Lawyers

Raymond Tan - International Lawyer

Unit 6/78 Terrace Road, East PerthWA 6004(08) 9221 2888

Lynn and Brown Lawyers

Lynn & Brown Lawyers

Steven/ Jacqueline Brown - Family Lawyer 

Level 24 77 St Georges Tce, Perth

WA 6000

(08) 9551

Saupin Perth Legal

Saupin Legal

Dr. Marc Saupin - Criminal lawyer

50 Pier Street, Perth

WA 6000

0422 656 589

Perth Family Lawyers

Paterson & Dowding

Lucy Thomas - Family Lawyer

2nd Floor, 28 The Esplanade, Perth

WA 6000

(08) 9226 3300

Lawyers in Perth

Rowe Bristol Lawyers

Adam Rowe/ Damien Bristol - Building

68 St Georges Tce, Perth

WA 6000

(08) 9322 8111

DS Perth Family Lawyer

DS Family Law

Milos Supljeglav - Family Lawyer

Level 4, 326 Hay Street, Perth

WA 6000

(08) 9486 1766


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O'Sullivan Davies Lawyers

O'Sullivan Davies Lawyers

Andrew Davies - Family Lawyer

Level 27, 197 St Georges Tce, Perth

WA 6000

(08) 9520 839

Summers Legal Perth

Summers Legal

Paul Summers - Commercial Lawyer

104 Colin Street, West Perth

WA 6005(08) 9420 8222

Equitas Lawyers

Equitas Lawyers

Martin Tuohy - Commercial Lawyer

156-158 Edward Street, Perth

WA 6000

(08) 9228 2881


Kim Wilson & Co

Kim Wilson - Family Lawyer

Level 1, 415 Roberts Road, Subiaco

WA 6008

(08) 6380 3900

FourLion Legal

FourLion Legal

Sam Hemachandra - Civil Litigation

12 St Georges Tce, Perth

WA 6000

(08) 9335 6643

Foyle Legal Perth

Foyle Legal

Christian Foyle - Personal Injury Lawyer

8/146 Murray Street, Perth

WA 6000

(08) 6110 3605

Hunt & Hunt Lawyers

Hunt & Hunt Lawyers

Daniel Sampson - International Lawyer

16 St Georges Tce, Perth

WA 6000

(08) 9488 1300

Cullen MacLeod Lawyers

Cullen MacLeod

Rick Cullen - Business Law

Level 2, 95 Stirling hwy, Nedlands

WA 6009

(08) 9389 3999


AE Legal

William Araque - Workers Compensation

Suite 7, 168 Guildford Road, Maylands

WA 6051

(08) 6117 2880

Turner Freeman Law

Turner Freeman Lawyers

Kacey Wuelfert - Personal Injury Lawyers

Suite 186, 580 Hay Street, Perth

WA 6000

(08) 9325 0900

Hale Legal

Hale Legal

Alan Skinner - Property Lawyer

Level 5, 5 Barrack Street, Perth

WA 6000

(08) 6144 4470

Separovic Injury Lawyers

Separovic Injury Lawyers

Tony Separovic - Injury Lawyer

453 Beaufort St, Highgate

WA 6003

(08) 6263 5186

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Disclaimer: The Perth Lawyer does not warrant or guarantee the work undertaken by any firm listed or provided in a referral and is not liable in relation to any aspect of legal services they may provide you. 

Knowing how to find a lawyer isn't always the easiest thing. With so many different areas of law, let alone specialization that each lawyer goes through. So we have made this quick guide to answer some of the questions you might have when it comes too finding a lawyer in Western Australia. 

Most Common Areas of Law

We will cover a few of the most common areas of law to help you find a lawyer specific to your needs. 

Family Lawyers

  • Estate Planning
  • Family Planning
  • Divorce
  • Custody Battles
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Adoption
  • Restraining Orders

Commercial Lawyers

  • Business Law
  • Employment & Labor
  • Finance & Tax
  • Merger & Acquisitions
  • Intellectual Property
  • Entertainment Lawyers
  • Employment Contract

Criminal Lawyers

  • Criminal Defense
  • Violent Restraining Order
  • Serious Assault
  • Minimum Sentencing
  • First Offences
  • Bail Application
  • Motor-vehicle Crimes

Property Lawyers

  • Civil Litigation
  • Property Rights
  • Land Disputes
  • Real Estate
  • Tenant Rights
  • Commercial Real-estate
  • Residential Real-estate
  • Purchase/ Sales Agreements

Personal Injury Lawyers

Whats next? 

Just because you have found a lawyer that can manage and fight your case doesn't mean you have to be stuck with them. It's not uncommon for people to be unhappy in the way their lawyer is fighting their case and it's totally okay to find a new one. 

Some of the reasons as to why you might drop your current lawyer is, They aren't being fully transparent, it feels as if they aren't giving your case enough time or they are too expensive for you are getting out of it. 

How much will a lawyer cost?

Lawyers can range from $50 per hour into the thousands depending on a multitude of factors. The good news is many law firms offer a free consultation to understand your situation and move on from there. It is highly recommended that you bite the bullet and see a lawyer that offer a free session to see where you stand as this will help you to determine just how much your specific case will cost.  

When should i hire a lawyer?

Knowing when you should finally bite the bullet and hire a lawyer can be tricky while juggling risk vs reward and the cost of everything. A good basis to work off would be to start from the bottom and ask around for advice from close friends and family that might know a little bit on the topic. 

The next step would be to find a post such as this and hope it can find you clarity in understanding what to do next. Finally before you put your hands in your pocket and pay for work, try and find a firm that will give you a free consultation and talk you through either in person or over the phone what your options are. 

Unfortunately you should take everything you read online with a pinch of salt and don't put everything in one basket based off something you read online, chances are its misleading of false.