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First Home Owners Grant

What is a First Home Owners Grant?

Australia's First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) is a very useful tool for those looking at getting into the housing market for their first home. Unfortunately each state and territory has their own rules and regulations that makes it harder for us to summarise all the pros and cons of using this grant, which is why this list won't go into any specifics but rather an overview.

The vast majority of those seeking assistance of the FHOG are between the ages of 25-34 holding the greater part of over 55% of all grants approved. This means a lot of young families just starting up are the majority of those applying for the grant, although with some heavy restrictions they still use the FHOG to help mortgage their first property.

Perth First Home Owners

Although the Pro’s list outweighs the Cons by a significant amount, it can be left up to you to decide if it really is worth it:


  • A Grant of around $10,000 will be provided to the down payment of the house,
  • Depending on the circumstances you might be eligible for a boost payment of around $5,000,
  • If the property is below a certain amount (Usually around $430,000) you might be entitled to a reduction or null payment of the transfer duty,
  • Helps create a better portfolio when applying for a bank loan.


  • Very specifically only applies to newly built homes,
  • Does not include vacant land,
  • Lengthy eligibility and application process,
  • Each applicant must occupy the home as their principal place of residence for at least 6 months,
  • No property over $750,000 is allowed to be purchased with the grant.

There are many more pros and cons that can be added to these lists but what has been mentioned above would be some of the more important ones. We suggest asking a conveyancer for more information. If you aren't in Perth you might want to check out a conveyancer Adelaide.

What are the eligibility requirements?

  1. Each applicant must have the classification of a ‘natural person’ (For example: Not a company or trust),
  2. Each applicant must be a permanent resident and or Australian citizen,
  3. Must be over the age of 18 years old,
  4. Must not have owned property anywhere in Australia prior to 01 July 2000,
  5. Must occupy the home as their principal place of residence for at least 6 months, commencing 12 months of the completion transaction (As stated above),
  6. The value of the property must not exceed $750,000.

So long as you pass these requirements for the FHOG you will have a very strong chance of being approved and be on track for owning your first home!

Anything Else?

Depending on what part of Australia you are from will determine the specific benefits you will receive with a FHOG. Linked below is all states and territories specific websites for these benefits:

Western Australia

New South Wales


Northern Territory

South Australia

Australian Capital Territory



If you are still not sure about buying your first home or want to ensure it goes smoothly feel free to check out out our property lawyers.

Article written by Angus Miles
Angus Miles is on a mission to help people start their legal journey. He understands that for many people, the legal process can be confusing and overwhelming. He knows firsthand how important it is to have someone you can trust when dealing with the legal system.

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