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Legal Transcriptionist Training: How To Become A Profitable Transcriptionist In 2023

So you saw Suits on TV and now you are curious about legal transcriptionist training. A legal transcription career can be lucrative, but it's hard to know where to start. Most people think that you need to have years of experience to become a legal transcriptionist.

Transcribe Anywhere offers an online legal transcription course that teaches you everything you need to know to start working as a legal transcriptionist from home. While their legal transcription training course is affordable and easy to follow, you can actually start learning today if you take their free course.

What Is Transcription?

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Transcription, or more specifically a transcriptionist is a person whose job is to convert audio (Such as a song, video, or spoken word) into written legal documents.

While the idea behind this is very simple and in recent years technology has made it even easier to automatically transcribe documents, there is still a strong demand to ensure something has been transcribed without error. 

Normally you will be working with a legal professional to transcribe audio files for a law firm rather than listening to cour reporting.

Lots of people get confused when it comes to legal transcriptionists. They often are confused with court reporters or stenographers.

For example, a stenographer (Shorthand) in a courtroom is a type of legal transcriptionist that has the important role of recording everything said during a court proceeding or legal proceedings.

This is not what most legal transcriptionists do.

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A modern-day stenographer

There are many things that determine the difference between a good and bad legal transcriptionist which include their ability to

  • Accurately transcribe audio recordings
  • The speed at which you complete tasks
  • What equipment do you use

Making sure you have a good mix of these skills will be what sets you apart from other legal transcriptionists out there.

It's well known within the industry that those working on more sensitive and difficult projects (Such as those in the legal profession) offer higher pay for the work completed.  

What Is Transcribe Anywhere?

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Transcribe Anywhere is a course for new and old legal transcriptionists that teaches you everything you need to know about becoming your own boss in the area of transcription and expanding your legal transcription skills.

They currently offer two courses

  • General Transcription: Theory and Practice
  • Legal Transcription: Theory and Practice

Both courses are written by Janet Shaughnessy, who has worked in the industry for over 10 years, and are designed to teach you how to make money transcribing audio files into a written format. While also providing you with the skills and know-how to do it at home, even as your own business.

The great thing about what Transcribe Anywhere offers is that it really is an all-in-one package that gets you from start to finish so you can earn real money with a real job, from home.

There is no hard sell, in fact, it encourages you not to buy their course if you know you won't be fully committed. 

So now, understandably, you are probably a little skeptical about everything from what it costs to does it actually work?

How Does Transcribe Anywhere Work?

So as mentioned above there are two training courses to choose from (You are able to purchase both), they both cover the basics from start to finish of how to best start a new career in transcription.

While we think it's great that it offers such a completed course we also understand how the price can get in the way for many people who are on the fence about changing careers.

Thankfully the amazing team at Transcribe Anywhere has thought of this and created a free mini-course for those who want to test the water before spending any money.

We took the course ourselves to help write this review and can say it defiantly helps you decide if you want to really get into transcription. 

If you do decide to go ahead and buy the full course you will gain access to many added benefits not just directly related to the course itself but also the entire support system Janet has created.

This includes an exclusive Facebook page, 24/7 email newsletters, and continuous updates when they become available. This is perfect for anyone who wants to become a legal transcriptionist.

How Much Does A Transcriptionist Make?

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If you find yourself looking around the Transcribe Anywhere website you will quickly realize how clear they make it that legal transcription training isn't a get-rich-quick scheme without all the legal terminology.

Also as a part of writing this review, we have been advised we're not allowed to claim any potential earnings after taking this course, so here are the real figures and what you're probably going to deal with. 

Becoming a legal transcriptionist in today's day and age still offers an interesting and dynamic working environment.

With the ability to work from home with jobs from all around the world you really will have many options to make it work.

Legal Transcriptionist Training: How To Become A Profitable Transcriptionist In 2023 5

According to Transcription Certification Institute "A legal transcriptionists salary is generally around $15, while an advanced transcriptionist earns around $25 to $30 per hour.

With this rate, you can easily earn $1,500 every month if you work 2.5 hours per day for 24 days. This is well above an average annual salary.

Legal transcriptionists work whenever they want. It's not like a court reporter where you need to be in an office close to the lawyers, online legal transcribers will work more like a freelancer with flexible hours. The added benefit of this means you can work with legal professionals around the world, not just in one country.

As decent as some of these numbers sound, it really comes down to how you budget your time and your ability to find legal transcription jobs on sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

If you were to take an average entry-level position you might not make as much if you took on all voice writing jobs as an independent contractor.

Transcribe Anywhere Pros Vs Cons


  • Free Mini-Course teaches you everything about legal transcription training
  • Teaches you the foundations to becoming a successful legal transcriptionist
  • Lifetime course ownership with no monthly fees
  • Build your own business while only having a high school diploma
  • Fast & easy email support
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Get a course certificate as TA qualified legal transcriptionist


  • Non-refundable
  • Takes 2-4 Months to learn the entire course
  • Can be expensive for some people

Is Transcribe Anywhere A Scam?

Many courses online will do their best to cover up any negative aspects of what they are trying to sell, However, this is not the case with Janet's Transcribe Anywhere course.

Straight out the box, they are very open with what to expect and the realistic expectations of the course they offer. 

Making it clear how this isn't a get-rich-quick scheme or for those who aren't willing to put actual work and effort in to achieve the results.

It is because of this that we can say without a doubt the Transcribe Anywhere course is not out there to get a quick buck and really wants to teach you how to start your own business in legal transcription. 

Another great way to determine if what everyone is saying is the truth is to try their free mini-courses for both general & Legal Transcriptionist Training.

This will give you the opportunity to really see for yourself if this is the new career path you're looking for.

Transcribe Anywhere Free Mini-Course

There are two free mini-courses that Janet offers you to further understand what to expect with the full course. It also lets you get comfortable with what is to come and see if becoming a legal transcriptionist is for you. 

General Transcription Mini-Course

This general transcription training course teaches you the absolute basics of learning the who, what, when, and why about transcription, along with its history and misconceptions within the profession. This training includes 7 free lessons for you to go through. 

  • Lesson 1: You start off by learning about the instructor (Janet) along with what exactly transcription is and why it's still an important skill, 
  • Lesson 2: The next lesson begins to teach you about the demand for transcription and who uses the profession. Followed by what it takes to become one and the two keys to success as a transcriptionist, 
  • Lesson 3: Quick and fun - Busting the biggest myth about transcription, 
  • Lesson 4: Determine if it's really for you. 9 signs you're not cut out to become a transcriptionist, 
  • Lesson 5: What can you expect to earn during your new career as a transcriptionist and create realistic expectations. It also covers what affects your ability to earn more in the profession, 
  • Lesson 6: Where are people looking to hire a transcriptionist and where the work comes from, 
  • Lesson 7: Finally, it covers what you need to get started. Including important equipment that will really help you get on your way to starting your new career!

Legal Transcription Mini-Course

Just like above the free legal transcriptionist course covers the basics of what to expect when getting into the profession. However, it includes two new important factors to take into consideration.

While it's important to get spelling, punctuation, and grammar correct when dealing with general transcription. It is vital that you focus on getting this right when working with the legal system. 

For this reason, it's why Legal Transcriptionist Training isn't promoted just to anyone. It takes dedication and skill to learn your craft. Ensuring you know the ins and out of the legal process.  

It's for this reason that you will find working in the legal profession pays more than general transcription.

How Much Does Transcribe Anywhere Cost? *Updated 2023*

Transcribe Anywhere has 3 different courses. One is a general transcription course while the other will help you learn legal transcription.

  • General Transcription Course $497
  • Legal Transcription Course $597
  • Both General & Legal Course $797

Are There Transcribe Anywhere Competitors?

Like anything on the internet, there are always going to be competitors, and for Legal Transcriptionist Training it's up to you to decide if what you're paying for is worth the cost. Here are a few competitors that try to provide the same service as Transcribe Anywhere. 

Transcription Certification Institute

Legal Transcriptionist Training: How To Become A Profitable Transcriptionist In 2023 6

While TCI offers a cheaper course at a $699 one-time fee it seems to cover less information overall and doesn't fully prepare you to become a legal transcriptionist.

In saying this, if you are looking for a quick and easy certificate that you can use to claim you are certified then this is the way to go. 


Legal Transcriptionist Training: How To Become A Profitable Transcriptionist In 2023 7

Unlike TCI, TranscribeMe is a transcription company that offers transcription as a service and employs people with experience to work for them.

They take a cut of what work is done but it takes the hassle out of trying to find work and lets you focus on your job rather than finding clients. 

What are some AAERT Approved Schools?

AAERT (the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers) approves several schools and programs that offer education and training in electronic reporting and transcription.

  1. College of Court Reporting: This school offers online programs in court reporting and captioning, including a Certified Electronic Reporter (CER) program that is approved by AAERT.
  2. Stenotype Institute: This school offers programs in court reporting and captioning, both online and at its physical campuses. Its online programs are approved by AAERT.
  3. BeST Scoping Techniques: This program offers online training in scoping, a key skill for electronic reporters and transcribers. Its training program is approved by AAERT.

So What's Next? How To Become A Certified Legal Transcriptionist?

To become a certified legal transcriptionist, you typically need a high school diploma or equivalent and training or experience in transcription or legal terminology. You can complete a training program offered by vocational schools, community colleges or online courses, which will teach you the necessary skills to work as a legal transcriptionist.

Gaining work experience is essential to becoming a successful legal transcriptionist, and it involves working for a law firm, court reporting agency, or transcription service. To obtain certification, you can take an exam offered by organizations such as the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers (AAERT) or the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA).

Passing the exam can help demonstrate your proficiency and credibility to potential employers. Continuing education courses or activities are required to maintain your certification as a legal transcriptionist. Although certification is not always required, it can help you stand out in a competitive job market and may lead to higher pay or better job opportunities.

Transcribe Anywhere FAQ

Many of the frequently asked questions on their website are what we have covered above, however here are a few more questions that many people ask. 

Can anyone transcribe legal documents?

No, you need to have patience and the ability to sit for long periods of time. If English isn't your first language the course may not be the right fit for you. 

How long do I have access to this course, are updates included?

You will have access to the course forever along with every and all updates included for free. 

Does Transcribe Anywhere provide a certificate?

Yes, all students that complete the final exam will be provided a certificate of completion. 

Equipment Needed For Legal Transcriptionists

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The good news is you don't need any specialty legal transcription equipment.

We're going to skip the obvious here when talking about what you need to become a transcriptionist but just for reference's sake, you WILL need a laptop/ PC and transcription training (Microsoft Word can be replaced with Google Docs if needed).

Here is a list of things we recommend when getting into legal transcription jobs. 

  1. Quality headphones - It goes without saying you will need to hear what you are transcribing so look for a pair of headphones that can discern a variety of vocal ranges as well as remain comfortable over a long period of use.
  2. Transcription Software - While computers do an amazing job at trying to know exactly what we just said during a conversation there is a reason why transcription is still a thriving business. Janet recommends you use Express Scribe, an all-in-one transcription software that will be a great first step to running your own business. 
  3. Internet Connection  - While much of the work can be done offline it's highly recommended you have constant access to reasonably fast internet as you could be required to constantly remain updated and check on things like the proper legal punctuation. 

Thankfully becoming a legal transcriber doesn't break the bank for those who are just getting started it and you still have the ability to expand into better equipment if you so desire. 

Legal Transcription Training Near Me, How Does It Work?

Thankfully in the 21st century, this sort of training can all be done online, anywhere in the world. You can even have 1 on 1 training online to ensure you have a good understanding of the job and expectations. This is the more costly option (Typically around $3,000) however, can provide you with all required training for beginners to those working in the profession. If this doesn't interest you, then you can consider creating legal documents yourself using LawDepot.


We think Transcribe Anywhere is a great place to look if you want to start your legal transcriptionist training. It gives you lots of training on the United States legal system and gets you familiar with lots of the legal terminology used.

While Janet knows she can't promise the world she keeps it real in all aspects of what her course can offer and allows you to make an informed decision on what to do next in your legal transcription career. 

Article written by Angus Miles
Angus Miles is on a mission to help people start their legal journey. He understands that for many people, the legal process can be confusing and overwhelming. He knows firsthand how important it is to have someone you can trust when dealing with the legal system.

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