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While looking for the best Personal Injury Lawyer Perth you need to first determine what style of claim/ compensation you are looking for ranging from medical negligence, workers compensation, insurance contract disputes, car vehicle accident, workcover, public liability claims and product liability claims.

These listed are jaw a few of the more common claims that go through the West Australian legal system each year and is not restricted to these, nearly all instances of injury have the ability to be claimed, its up to you to decide if you want to. 

It's also a well known fact that hiring a lawyer for any assistance can be timely and very costly, this is why here at the Perth Lawyer we offer a 'No Win, No Fee' agreement with all our personal injury customer matters. 

Personal Injury Lawyer

This means if you are looking at claiming from a range of compensation benefits such as medical care, rehabilitation or disability compensation there will be no cost to you if we don't win your case! 

 Claims throughout all of Australia during 2015-2016 for workers compensation were just over 100,000 while the amount of money paid out for these claims also increased 30%. 

Our people know victims who have been injured at no fault of their own should have easy access to the best legal advice along with lawyers that will fight their case and demand the pay out you deserve. Need a Personal Injury Lawyer Perth, contact us today!

What Types Of Personal Injury We Cover

  • Workers Compensation
  • Work Injury Claim
  • Personal Injury Payouts
  • check
    Compulsory Third Party (CTP) 
  • check
    Medical Injuries
  • Insurance Claims
  • Green Slip
  • Health Insurance Claim
  • check
    Life Insurance
  • check
    Criminal Injury
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Accident Compensation
  • check
    Motor Vehicle Compensation
  • check
    Medical Claims

About Personal Injury Lawyer Perth

Within personal injury law there are many different types of cases that a Personal Injury Lawyer Perth might have to deal with. Some of the more common ones being animal bites, boating accidents, construction/workplace accidents, medical negligence, nursing home abuse and motorcycle accidents. Those who specialise in this area will handle a case from its inception right through to settlement and payout of a client. 

For those who have suffered injury, stress or anxiety as the victim of any personal injury, its important to act within a reasonable time limit as restrictions may apply for when a claim can be made. It is because of this that we make it a priority to ensure the best outcome for each and every one of our clients. From our experience the average claim can take between 1-2 years to resolve from start to finish while more complex matters can take a considerable amount of more time. This is why its important to retain as much information as possible and start the process sooner rather than later. 

While its entirely possible to make a claim without going to court (out of court settlement) which is usually a preferred method as it reduces the time and cost required. You are capable on taking an insurer or company to court and with proof and demand compensation. This compensation can be due to medical/ professional expenses, damage/loss of property, financial or earning loss,and physical/ psychological pain. 

One of the most common types of injury in Western Australia is fatigue and strain while one of most common personal injury that is claimed for compensation is those caused by a motor vehicle. These injuries are sustained during work therefore they can still provide compensation even when you are slightly at fault. The legal reasons behind this become complicated when determining how much a person is at fault but the fact still remains. Contact the Personal Injury Lawyer Perth today!

The Perth Lawyer Can Help You

Not only is our advice free and confidential but with a bit of information either over the phone or through email we can determine if your claim can be 100% risk free! We understand that for may people in need of a personal injury lawyer you can be in a compromising time of your life and may have limited access to mobility which is why we provide easy to access lawyers within the Perth region that can even come to you! 

How are we No Win, No Fee? Sometimes the insurance company's are required to pay a portion of your legal fees just for fighting a case. This only requires you to pay the remaining costs only from any money gained as a pay out to a personal injury claim! Our costs are always up front and we always are transparent with our clients about the matter we are working on together. We believe with confidentially in mind this is the best way to work along side you and your case. 

Many of our clients require a range of compensation from injury which includes public liability insurance claims, road accidents, medical negligence and workers compensation. It is because of this that we let you come to us to prove our worth to you as we understand personal injury industry has earned itself a bad reputation over the past few years. 

In Western Australia (In 2017) the total number of paid claims were just over 3,300. We believe that if you go through us we can add you to this figure and will do our best to get you the best compensation possible. Did you know, our lawyers help you from start to finish and help claim for all levels of compensation applicable! Get in touch with the Personal Injury Lawyer Perth today!

What Other Areas Do We Cover?

Not looking for compensation from an accident at work? Here are some other legal areas our lawyers work with:

  •  Family Lawyer Perth: Are you looking for a family lawyer in Perth that understands your situation? Our Lawyers have dealt with many people in situations just like yours and are here to help. Did you know in Western Australia one in four women have experienced physical or sexual abuse from a current or past partner. 
  • Commercial Lawyer Perth:  Starting a business is tough, especially when its your first time. We talk you through the basics and offer industry specific documents to help you start up like a pro, no more waiting around and worrying about the requirements of your legal documents. 
  • Property Lawyer Perth: Boarder disputes are a major cause for concern, having good neighbours that are on your side can make life much easier. Get to know your rights that are specific to your suburb. 
  • Criminal Lawyer Perth: Need to pay a fine or support with a case in the magistrates court? It's important to us you receive the quality results you deserve, fast!

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