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Finding the best Property Lawyer Perth is an important task when either looking at getting your new house or if you are having issues with your current one. It is very common for those who are renting to seek external advice about nosy landlords or annoying neighbours as the law always seems to be on their side. Knowing your legal rights when staying or renting out your property is a luxury not everyone seems to have especially in such a grey area of operation.

Building Inspectors are also an important necessity when seriously looking at purchasing or renting out a property that will save you a lot of time, money and hassle in the long run. This is because if there is anything wrong with the property you are able to know before hand and can determine the sort of cost these issues can create.

Property Lawyer Perth

Some of the more common problems building inspectors come across in their jobs within Perth are roof problems, incomplete plumbing/ fittings & fixtures and inadequacy insulation and ventilation. This late one mentioned is very important with Western Australia's hot and dry climate that makes a good insulation very important at keeping cool in the summer and keeping the electricity costs down. ​

A common issue our lawyers deal with in property law is boarder disputes and the dividing of costs when installing a new fence along the dividing line. Under the dividing fences act 1961 it is a general rule that each neighbour pays for half of the installation or fixing of the fence. However this can be overridden with an agreement to determine who pays what amount and the placement of the fence.

Contacting a Property Lawyer Perth is the best thing you can do. Depending on the size of the property and the purpose of the fence costs can become very high and its at this point we highly recommend seeing a property lawyer about more specific information that is directly relevant to your case.

What Types Of Property Law We Cover

  • First Home Buyers
  • Lease Agreements
  • Property Management
  • checkBoarder Disputes
  • checkProperty Settlement
  • Property Disputes
  • Sales & Acquisitions
  • Construction Contracts
  • checkSuperannuation & Trusts
  • checkCommercial Disputes
  • Tenant & Landlord Disputes
  • Building Inspections
  • Wills & Estates
  • checkCommercial Estate
  • checkContract Dispute


Perth Property Lawyers are an integral part of the property industry here in Western Australia as there are many laws to do with housing/commercial construction that are specific to this state. Just as in the Western Australian Building and Construction Industry Code of Conduct (2016, BCI) characterises 7 broad expectations to be followed that include promoting fair contracting along with efficient and productive workplace relations within the building industry. Meanwhile establishing a compliance framework to allow the building contractors' code to be recorded for future consideration when awarding future state building work.

The main reason a person or business might need a property lawyer within the state of WA is to either deal with tenant/ landlord related disputes or to find the appropriate documents needed to make a commercial contract. Ensuring these contracts are true and accurate is of vital importance as there is usually a lot of money and capital tied up as security deposits for the land/ property.

Following on from this, with Western Australia's growing international popularity with its vast amount of land, many Property Lawyer Perth are finding themselves in a difficult position of understanding not only Australian property law but also how international investors come into play.

Many issues start on the local level with planning disputes from the shire, this can sometimes lead to larger than expected conveyancing fees and extend the planning process. Although this can be very tedious we recommend following this process through as it could start a litigation process against your estate. 

The Perth Lawyer Can Help You

When it comes to leasing and contract disputes it can be a slow and tedious process that tends to take much longer than most of us would hope for. Commercial conveyancing is the legal process of buying and selling land along with the leasing of property for the use of office, retail or industrial space. Much of these options come with a large price tag and is advised you have legal advice throughout the whole process.

A leasing dispute happens when one or more of the conditions are not met. Some of these include lease duration renewal, estate repair & maintenance, rent reviews and permitted use  of services. If a breach has occurred and you would like to terminate the contract or seek damages you might be applicable for compensation through our estate lawyers.

Sometimes the act of terminating a contract early can lead to compensation being paid out to a certain party such as when a person or company has agreements to purchase or lease a property and cancels half way through this process the other party may be entitled to potential lost sales and time.  Looking for a Property Lawyer Perth? Look no further than The Perth Lawyer

What Other Areas Do We Cover?

If property dispute and leasing resolution isn't what you're looking for, try the other areas our legal team could support you in, including:

  •  Personal Injury Lawyer Perth: It's sometimes hard to get in contact with those willing to avoid you. This is common with insurance agency's as it's their job to avoid paying you out. Finding the perfect legal aid to help dispute this puts you one step closer to justice.
  • Commercial Lawyer Perth: It is common for our clients to require assistance in creating documents and planning for a new business. We classify this as a short term loss, long term gain.
  • Family Lawyer Perth: Our family lawyers provide support for those going through rough times both financially and emotionally, while connecting you with the services you need.
  • Criminal Lawyer Perth: It's important to contact a criminal lawyer ASAP as the litigation process can happen quickly and planning for this can create a better outcome.

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Need The Best Property Lawyer Perth?

Contact our team of experts today and see why more and more people are choosing The Perth Lawyer!

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